Seeds of Time


John Bamberg

Curator, U.S. Potato Seed Bank

John Bamberg is Project Leader of the US Potato Genebank located on the UW Peninsular Agricultural Research Station near Sturgeon Bay. NRSP-6 is the US genebank for tuber-bearing Solanum species (potatoes) and is part of the USDA National Plant Germplasm System. It is supported by all SAES with off-the-top funds from USDA/CSREES, USDA/ARS and UW.

The genebank’s mission is to facilitate the improvement of potato through acquisition, classification, preservation, distribution, and evaluation of wild and cultivated potato germplasm. The Project provides a ready source of Solanum germplasm for US and foreign potato breeders and scientists. It coordinates evaluation of stocks by specialists around the US, and technology, germplasm and research cooperation with other potato genebanks around the world. It also has a strong program of on-site evaluation and characterization associated with Solanum taxonomy, genetics, physiology, genebank technology and other disciplines through which the exploitation of the germplasm is facilitated. One of the emphases of Bamberg’s program has been collection and research on wild potatoes native to the southwest USA. All these physical and informational resources are cataloged and advertised.