Seeds of Time

About the Movement


We believe that film is an incredibly powerful medium and can not only bring communities of like-minded people together, but inspire those communities to take action in their own backyards.

Our world is in a moment of deep reflection about our food system. The number of food-focused documentaries is at an all-time high, but very few of them examine the foundation of our food system: seeds.

We think that this film has the power to inspire activists around the world to look at seeds in a new light and perhaps begin to engage in seed-saving efforts. Your involvement in that can be much more than just a viewer; hosting screenings, participating in our action initiatives, and spreading the word to your communities can turn this film into a platform for action and, ultimately, change.

We are constantly updating our website with new initiatives that you can join to help facilitate action beyond just watching SEEDS OF TIME.

This is your food system and your future - but we're here to create awareness and to help. Together we can make a difference.