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We’ve partnered with the Crop Trust to provide you with all the resources you need to learn about and support seed banks around the globe.



The Crop Trust is the world’s premier supporter of seed bank (or “ex-situ”) collections, and the organization behind the creation of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which is an insurance policy for all collections around the globe.  Need an introduction to the work they are doing?  Watch this video:

Without functioning, viable seed banks around the world, the crop diversity that is the foundation of our food supply would eventually cease to exist.  A 1983 study in the United States compared the stocks of commercial seed houses in 1903 with the U.S. National Seed Storage Lab’s collection in 1983.   They found that approximately 97% of those varieties are now extinct.  It is precisely the reason we must have a supported system of seed banks to house this diversity, and make sure it is never lost!



Graphic reprinted from National Geographic

What if we had a coordinated system of saving and housing these varieties back in 1903?  What if it was a coordinated global system?  This is the critical work that Crop Trust is supporting.

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