Seeds of Time


"Very powerful... it's fascinating... you wouldn't think that something like seeds would be that compelling, but it is and it's really important."

- Claudia Puig, USA Today / 89.3 KPCC




"'Seeds of Time' offers a vital, clear-headed look at the effects of climate change on global food security"

- The Los Angeles Times 




"This is a documentary you cannot afford to miss."

- Criterion Cast




"The urgency of expanding the world’s seed portfolio is made eminently clear"

- The New York Times





"A commanding call to action"

"I never imagined that a film about diversity would land one of the top three films of SXSW"

- Austin Indie Film Examiner





The Hollywood Reporter




"Seeds of Time stands out as truly exceptional. It's about an issue less prominent in the public dialogue but of universal's just riveting filmmaking, a story swiftly and beautifully told."

- Margaret Mead Film Festival




 "The documentary directed by Sandy McLeod, is a portrait of Fowler, - one that also provides an object lesson in what it looks like to search for genuine solutions."

- Grist




July 6, 2015
Delta Farm Press
A Frozen Garden of Eden: Cary Fowler, consummate seed saver


June 22, 2015
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The "Stagecoach Ride" of Seeds of Time: An Interview with Director Sandy McLeod


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4 Important Documentaries to Watch and Support Right Now


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Review: documentary focuses on seed preservation


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Documentary Looks Into Climate Change


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Crop Gene Banks Are Preserving The Future of Agriculture, but Who's Preserving Them?


June 1, 2015
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Have Your Seeds and Eat Them Too


May 29, 2015
KPFK 90.7 The Michael Slate Show
"Seeds of Time"


May 29, 2015
Los Angeles Times
"Seeds of Time" Gets Right to the Root...


May 29, 2015
Filmweek Reviews, Claudia Puig reviews "SEEDS OF TIME"


LISTEN: MP3 Audio Segment (1:43)


May 28, 2015
Edible Brooklyn
One Man's Quest to Save Seeds


May 28, 2015
In These Times
How Some Small Farmers Are Resisting Monsanto - and Climate Change


May 27, 2015
LA Weekly
CRITIC'S PICK: Seeds of Time


May 27, 2015
Fowler Says Agriculture Facing Challenges


LISTEN: MP3 Audio Segment


May 22, 2015
Take Part
New Documentary Looks Deep Inside the Doomsday Vault


May 22, 2015
HuffPost Live
The Imperiled Future of Agriculture


May 22, 2015
The Gothamist
Climate Change is Killing Agriculture as We Know It


May 22, 2015
The Village Voice
Crop Diversity Doc Seeds of Time Might Save the World


May 22, 2015
A film portrait of the Doomsday Vault that guards...


May 22, 2015
Take Part
'Seeds of Time' - a new documentary explores the Svalbard...


May 22, 2015
Crop gene banks are preserving the future...


May 22, 2015
The Guardian
Seeds of Time - preserving food resources...


May 22, 2015
Joshua Reviews Sandy McLeod's Seeds of Time


May 21, 2015
Food and Wine
Director Sandy McLeod's Mission to Make Seeds Sexy


May 21, 2015
The New York Times
'Seeds of Time': A documentary on a crusader for crop diversity...


May 21, 2015
In 'Seeds of Time', One Man's Quest...


May 21, 2015
The New Yorker
Cary Fowler's Seed Crusade Goes to the Movies


May 20, 2015
The Wall Street Journal
NY Culture...a crusade for biodiversity


May 20, 2015
The Dissolve
Reviews: Seeds of Time


May 19, 2015
Food Tank
Preserving the Seeds of Today for the Food of Tomorrow


May 19, 2015
Life Gate (Spanish)
Seeds of Time, il documentario sui sema de salvare


May 19, 2015
Beliefnet - Movie Mom
Interview: Sandy McLeod on "Seeds of Time"


May 18, 2015
John Sayles Blog
Sandy McLeod's SEEDS OF TIME opens at Cinema Village...


May 16, 2015
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Film Review: Seeds of Time - Nothing Could Be More Important


May 15, 2015
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New film traces Cary Fowler's quest...


May 14, 2015
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Movie on a Mission: Seeds of Time


May 12, 2015
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Top Picks from 2015 UK Green Film Festival


May 11, 2015
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'Seeds of Time' is a Race Against the Effects...


May 7, 2015
Santa Monica Daily Press - Reality vs. Fantasy (Culture Watch)
Movie Review: Seeds of Time


May 6, 2015
Inside the Frozen Seed Bank...


March 25, 2015
Earth Sky
'Seeds of Time' to hit theaters


October 24, 2014
Sue Van Slooten Blog / Mother Earth News
Movie Review: Seeds of Time


August 10, 2014
Margaret Mead Film Festival
At the Mead: Trying to Save the Seeds of Time


June 5, 2014
California Academy of Sciences
‘Seeds of Time’ 

June 3, 2014
‘Seeds of Time’ at the SF Green Film Festival 

June 1, 2014
'Seeds of Time' 

March 28, 2014
'Seeds of Time': a film for our future 

March 25, 2014
Seeds of Time: SXSW Review 

March 18, 2014
The Austin Indie Film Examiner's top five films of SXSW 2014 

March 18, 2014
How seeds could be our saviors — if we save them first 

March 13, 2014
SXSW Film Review: 'Seeds of Time' 

March 12, 2014
‘Seeds Of Time:’ Inside the Noah’s Ark for Climate Change
**Includes interview with Cary Fowler and Director Sandy McLeod 

March 10, 2014
The Women of SXSW: Seeds of Time Director/Producer Sandy McLeod 

March 5, 2014
SXSW Film: ‘Seeds of Time’ makes North American debut next week 

March 5, 2014
Seed Vault Sows Survival of Mankind's Food Crops 

November 14, 2013
Seeds of Time: One Man's Mission to Solve a Global Crisis 

November 8, 2013
This is the Closest You May Ever Get to the Doomsday Seed Vault 

February 18, 2013
ART WITH IMPACT Winners List of the 2013 Hilton LightStay Sustainability Award
"Seeds of Time" (working title: "Hungry"), for IN PROCESS Documentary Feature