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Loss of Diversity

Evolution of Farming Commercial Varieties (Susan McCouch) Loss of Tradition in Agriculture (Will Bonsall) The Popularity of Hybrid Seed (Diane Ott Whealy) Narrowing of Crops and Varieties (Emile Frison) The Importance of Diversity (Paul Smith) Markets Bring Down Diversity (Maria Scurrah) Undermining Agriculture (Cary Fowler) Convincing Governments to Act (Kay Killingsworth)


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2000, Winter
"Biological Meltdown: The Loss of Agricultural Biodiversity"

2007, July 23
"Insufficient Protection of Crop Diversity Centres Threatens World Food Security, WWF Report Contends"

2009, January 6
"Crop Diversity: Eat it or Lose It"

2009, September 1
"How Much Did Crop Diversity Decline in the 20th Century?"

2009, October 15
"Zimbabwe: Erosion of Crop Diversity Worrying"

2010, October 26
"Food Security Risk if Crop Biodiversity Lost: Report"

2010, October 26
"Conserving Plant Genetic Diversity Crucial for Future Food Security - UN"

2011, January 29
"Global Food Security at Risk as Crop Biodiversity is Lost"

2011, June 21
"Loss of Genetic Diversity in Food Production"

2011, July 19
"Loss of Genetic Diversity in U.S. Food Crops"

2011, July
"Food Ark"

2012, December 27
"How Can the Lack of Crop Diversity Affect the World?"


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Food Stores
using protected areas to secure crop genetic diversity
A research report by WWF, Equilibrium and University of Birmingham, UK

Lack of Crop Diversity Threatens Food Security: UN
2010, October 27
The Independent

Loss of Crop Diversity Hurts Hungry World : Agriculture: As varieties vanish with industrialized farming, our food supply faces nutritional impoverishment.
1993, October 18
Los Angeles Times

Loss of Genetic Diversity Imperils Crop Advances
1991, June 25
The New York Times

The Erosion of Crop Genetic Diversity: Challenges, Strategies and Uncertainties
1996, March
Natural Resource Perspectives

Crop Diversity at Risk: The Case For Sustaining Crop Collections
Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine

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Farm Conservation

Ex-Situ and In-Situ Differences (Emile Frison) Seeking Young Gardeners (John Torgrimson) In-Situ, Artifacts of the Moment (Pamela K. Anderson) Link of Culture and Diversity (Alejandro Argumedo) Potato Park as a Model (Pamela K. Anderson) Importance of Those Who Seed Save (Cary Fowler) Many Ways to be Involved (Glenn Drowns) One Step Removed from the Farm (John Torgrimson) Growing and Eating Heirlooms (John Torgrimson) Creating a System for In-Situ (David Ellis) Community Protectors of Biodiversity in Peru (Pamela K. Anderson)

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People & Plants Cons Ser 10 vols: People, Plants and Protected Areas: A Guide to in Situ Management, by John Tuxill, Gary Paul Nabhan, with Elizabeth Drexler & Michael Hathaway

Wild Relatives & Adaptation

Defining a Wild Relative (Paul Smith) Breeding with Wild Relatives (Luigi Guarino) The Goal With Wild Relatives (John Bamberg) Learning How to Collect (Chico Fernandez) Process of Collecting  (John Bamberg) Details of the Breeding Process (Meridth Bonierbale, Ph.D) Molecular Markers (Luigi Guarino)

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